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Land Shark

The Internet of Everything has turned up at my front door. More on this later.



My record of employment arrived last week. It’s a form, issued solely for government purposes. Right there in lucky field number 13, a matter of longstanding importance is finally resolved.


My long nurtured dream of working in the discipline of chemical engineering has now played out. It was sorely disappointing.

This perhaps frees me up to do other, more important things like raise my children and dream about all the things they plan to be when they grow up. Perhaps it’s high time I picked up and ran with my foundation in applied mathematics. Oh, the places I could go! Perhaps to that home I sometimes dream about with glass walls floor to ceiling?

It’s time to stop thinking and saying that I would like to one day work as an engineer. That one day came and left after we had sufficient time to get re-acquainted. After a nearly thirty-year hiatus, I did it. I am none the worse for wear either. It took me almost a month to add it to my resume, for fear of what might happen next.

What actually happened next? Well, we got a dog. She is one sweet creature. That was not so scary, after all.

Behind the times

My fixed term of employment quietly wrapped itself up yesterday. My mobility scooter re-appeared in the driveway with batteries replaced, recharged and ready for its next adventure. I have closed up the storage locker. The carport provides sufficient shelter until the snow returns. Sewing projects are beckoning from the basement studio. Clients are showing signs of impatience. It’s not them, it’s me. I will get there soon enough. Just because I can walk home, does not mean I should walk home.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

While my legs are moving better than they had been, my skin still takes exception to the lightly salted water at the mostly private pool. I remain thankful for the dermatologist who put me on the methotrexate and I’ve been cleared for 6 more months of it. I am managing to avoid its side effects of liver damage and neurotoxicity.

With mixed feelings, I’ll put the scooter back on the road after five months in its storage locker. My energy must still be conserved for life’s more important things.

Home life is good. We have given ourselves over to the cats. We now have two.

My current work term ends in about ten days. There is talk of a 48 week extension, although I would be procured differently than I currently am should it go through. I am currently salaried and paid by direct deposit. They are proposing to redirect me through an agency. Payment would then flow through a supply chain, which is more in line with what I’m used to, but I think the direct pay has been a change for the better.

The money has not been an issue, yet there definitely is an issue which I have mostly left unaddressed for pragmatic reasons. An obstacle that self-admits to holding its ground for twenty years is not one I care to surmount (although I probably could).

In other news, I made a tent dress for myself yesterday. It’s loosely styled after my favourite camping dress which fell to pieces on its own late last summer. The new dress wasn’t fitting quite as I expected when it first rolled off my sewing machine, so I pinched a bit at the front and added a button to jazz the whole thing up.

It’s worth noting that my first pinch worked, as did the first button I pulled from the jar. My skill as alterationist has reached its next level. I continue to teach at the fabric store.

Ahead of myself

In the past week, I’ve made three trips to a gym (by car) to ride an exercise bike. I could not have imagined this possibility a few months ago, and that includes the driving as well as the cycling! I rode 2 km on the first trip, then 4 km on the second visit, and then a bit closer to 5 km after returning to renew my membership for the next 6 months. My sense of balance is not quite ready for prime time, but tomorrow can always be a better day.

Yesterday, I woke up with vertigo and I am just making a note of it. It’s not something I keep in rotation, and I have had much better days. Scott went out for Ginger Ale and Gravol as soon as he realized I was down. He is great. I am still a little wobbly but well enough to watch Fantasy Island re-runs on Netflix and be left unattended. I had to cancel two sewing lessons (which I can make up later) and I forfeited my voice class.

In other news, I’ve finally picked the song I’ll be working on it class: Space Oddity.

The revolution will not be televised

Yesterday, Scott’s car started. It doesn’t seem like much. It might have otherwise been an ordinary day. However, it’s been parked in the driveway for almost a year now and we weren’t sure that it would. (When we he arrived, we became a two-car family.) We barely use one car, and never found a use for two. He gave it to his sister. It was deeply covered in snow. Ironically, we’ve been using the parking spot allocated to the downstairs apartment for his car. The previous tenants did not have a car. We’ll get keys to the basement in a few days.

I continue to improve on the methatrexate. In recent weeks, I’ve been able to knit and sew, as well as follow simple patterns such as the clutch purse and the cat’s hoodie. A few days ago, I had the dexterity to pull a tissue pattern for a blouse from its sleeve and was almost able to keep a grip on it.Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.43.48 AM

Books remain elusive. I can’t grip pages well enough to turn them. Yes, I could read them online, but that’s not what they’re about for me. The assistive devices I ordered did not work out. Our basement suite will have a Book Nook and a recording studio. Scott aspires to podcast and he’s been equipping for the task.

I’ve been paying attention to things that make me feel good. In particular, the energy at the music studio is upbeat. I am now taking voice lessons. We’ve all created personalized playlists, and making music is something we can do alone or together.

Also, I have flown to the fabric store several times in the past few weeks. It is a happy place for me too. Being sensitive to both water and nickel have affected the way I present myself most of the time. I have taught a few classes in the shop, and notice that I take extra care with my appearance when I am preparing to teach. Last week, after class had ended, I was briefly alone in the shop to lock up. As I child, I may have dreamed of such a thing.

I walked to my eye check-up last week and walked part of the way back; it was sunny and she used the drops, so I ended up on the bus for those reasons. It was a total of about 5 km, on foot. It was a cold winter day.

Those hot tubs in the forest? I’ve made a few trips back in which I’ve learned that my skin is not quite up it yet. The lesions are creeping back, and I remain hopeful that it’s not an emerging drug allergy.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.47.40 AM

Ding Dong

We rent the main level of a house. The front doorbell rang unexpectedly yesterday morning. It was the cute couple in the bachelor suite downstairs with news that they are relocating to a one-bedroom apartment around the corner while they continue to save for a house of their own.

I sent a note to the landlord right away and have arranged a viewing for later this morning. A lot will depend on the height of the ceilings. (I took on a partner in 2014 and he is quite tall.) It’s modestly priced, my business is in a position to take on the lease, and all that to say, we might be taking it on.

The kids suggested we turn it into a book nook and sewing/craft room. Stairs are sometimes a problem for me, but if I can’t climb them, I’m not able to sew either. It would be fine for me to keep my things down there. There is a majestic, but inoperable stone fireplace. I’ve caught a glimpse of it from the door that opens into the shared laundry room, but I don’t have a feel for the whole space.

There is a second bathroom and second fridge. We had been debating the purchase of a small chest freezer. Also, it would offer overflow space when we have overnight guests here. We’d also get the other half of the shared storage space in the basement.