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Optimizing for the conditions

October 24, 2015

Journal entry, from me to me

The week started on a bit of a low note with news that I do not meet the minimum requirements to work as a barista after finally gathering up nerve to ask. It was something I enjoyed as a younger person and I have always held out hope that I might get back to it later. However, I cannot stand for 8 hours and I cannot lift 50 pounds. This is unlikely to change and the time has come to let the idea completely go. It will free up space for other thoughts.

In sharp contrast, I co-hosted a business basics workshop for grade 5 students. Note to self: don’t wait too long before going back to do it again. I met a delightful math teacher along the way. The homeroom teacher is big on sustainability and I have accepted his challenge to turn a bag of previously enjoyed clothing into something useful.  The best part of the day was the interviewing lesson. In two mock interviews, I gathered knowledge I was able to apply in my real life almost right away.

Then, I had a rare three-interview day!

First, I met with a yarn-store proprietor (our second interview) who incorrectly called me out as an impostor when I was least expecting it. Snap judgments are not anybody’s friend. What I learned: we’ll both carry on quite nicely without any future dealings between us. It’s her store and she can run it however she likes. I’m less likely to patronize it now. Impostor syndrome is rampant in my profession. It has no place in my future.

In sharp contrast, I am hugged when I walk into the fabric store where I currently teach part-time. Just when I think that I could not love the proprietors more than I currently do, something unexpected happens and I do.

Second, I was screened by a former employer (who is also a current client) for a very promising assessment/evaluation role. Their recruiter found me online and reached out, leaving me free to call my deal-breaking terms in our negotiation. Although we were unable to reach an agreement at this time, we both left richer for the experience. I feel a seed was planted here and there may be harvest yet to come.

The third one was a more of a request for proposal on some prototyping work in the wearable technology field, which was subsequently accepted by my new client!

Later in the week, I completed the training (for a government agency) to review funding proposals for emerging businesses. The volume of work is unclear due to many variables, and I should have a better idea a month from now. I like the idea of the work and increasing my qualification in this area.

After a few weeks on a higher dosage of my medication, I am noticing small improvements in my health again. The scooter is stored for winter.


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