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June 15, 2015

My record of employment arrived last week. It’s a form, issued solely for government purposes. Right there in lucky field number 13, a matter of longstanding importance is finally resolved.


My long nurtured dream of working in the discipline of chemical engineering has now played out. It was sorely disappointing.

This perhaps frees me up to do other, more important things like raise my children and dream about all the things they plan to be when they grow up. Perhaps it’s high time I picked up and ran with my foundation in applied mathematics. Oh, the places I could go! Perhaps to that home I sometimes dream about with glass walls floor to ceiling?

It’s time to stop thinking and saying that I would like to one day work as an engineer. That one day came and left after we had sufficient time to get re-acquainted. After a nearly thirty-year hiatus, I did it. I am none the worse for wear either. It took me almost a month to add it to my resume, for fear of what might happen next.

What actually happened next? Well, we got a dog. She is one sweet creature. That was not so scary, after all.


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