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Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

May 3, 2015

While my legs are moving better than they had been, my skin still takes exception to the lightly salted water at the mostly private pool. I remain thankful for the dermatologist who put me on the methotrexate and I’ve been cleared for 6 more months of it. I am managing to avoid its side effects of liver damage and neurotoxicity.

With mixed feelings, I’ll put the scooter back on the road after five months in its storage locker. My energy must still be conserved for life’s more important things.

Home life is good. We have given ourselves over to the cats. We now have two.

My current work term ends in about ten days. There is talk of a 48 week extension, although I would be procured differently than I currently am should it go through. I am currently salaried and paid by direct deposit. They are proposing to redirect me through an agency. Payment would then flow through a supply chain, which is more in line with what I’m used to, but I think the direct pay has been a change for the better.

The money has not been an issue, yet there definitely is an issue which I have mostly left unaddressed for pragmatic reasons. An obstacle that self-admits to holding its ground for twenty years is not one I care to surmount (although I probably could).

In other news, I made a tent dress for myself yesterday. It’s loosely styled after my favourite camping dress which fell to pieces on its own late last summer. The new dress wasn’t fitting quite as I expected when it first rolled off my sewing machine, so I pinched a bit at the front and added a button to jazz the whole thing up.

It’s worth noting that my first pinch worked, as did the first button I pulled from the jar. My skill as alterationist has reached its next level. I continue to teach at the fabric store.


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