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Ahead of myself

February 26, 2015

In the past week, I’ve made three trips to a gym (by car) to ride an exercise bike. I could not have imagined this possibility a few months ago, and that includes the driving as well as the cycling! I rode 2 km on the first trip, then 4 km on the second visit, and then a bit closer to 5 km after returning to renew my membership for the next 6 months. My sense of balance is not quite ready for prime time, but tomorrow can always be a better day.

Yesterday, I woke up with vertigo and I am just making a note of it. It’s not something I keep in rotation, and I have had much better days. Scott went out for Ginger Ale and Gravol as soon as he realized I was down. He is great. I am still a little wobbly but well enough to watch Fantasy Island re-runs on Netflix and be left unattended. I had to cancel two sewing lessons (which I can make up later) and I forfeited my voice class.

In other news, I’ve finally picked the song I’ll be working on it class: Space Oddity.


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