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Ding Dong

February 1, 2015

We rent the main level of a house. The front doorbell rang unexpectedly yesterday morning. It was the cute couple in the bachelor suite downstairs with news that they are relocating to a one-bedroom apartment around the corner while they continue to save for a house of their own.

I sent a note to the landlord right away and have arranged a viewing for later this morning. A lot will depend on the height of the ceilings. (I took on a partner in 2014 and he is quite tall.) It’s modestly priced, my business is in a position to take on the lease, and all that to say, we might be taking it on.

The kids suggested we turn it into a book nook and sewing/craft room. Stairs are sometimes a problem for me, but if I can’t climb them, I’m not able to sew either. It would be fine for me to keep my things down there. There is a majestic, but inoperable stone fireplace. I’ve caught a glimpse of it from the door that opens into the shared laundry room, but I don’t have a feel for the whole space.

There is a second bathroom and second fridge. We had been debating the purchase of a small chest freezer. Also, it would offer overflow space when we have overnight guests here. We’d also get the other half of the shared storage space in the basement.


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