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Proud Mary

September 10, 2014

It took 3 months of scootering, but I finally worked up the nerve to go back to the scooter shop and ask about the power wheelchairs. Winter is coming and there are places (like the city bus) where the scooter just can’t go. The bus stop is on the corner. Although I can see it through my front window, it’s too far for me to go on foot.

What I learned: The Ontario Assistive Devices Program will help with the expense, provided I can establish a ramp. The chair and its battery last longer if they are kept indoors.

What else I learned: The rise to my front step is 45 inches, and requires a 45 foot ramp. My front lawn measures 12 feet by 3 feet. My backyard might accommodate it, but then there will be snow and maintenance which I am not prepared to take on. Also, my kids play back there. A ramp would destroy their vegetable garden and their play space. The power chair is too heavy to carry up the stairs. The rise is too much for a portable ramp. Ramp construction requires you to dig below the frost line.

I could acquire the power chair without the program and keep it in the carport or shed. The shed gets snowed in.

The alternative is a lift, but logistically it won’t work out either.

Also, my dead end street gets ploughed last and cars often can’t pass through.

I rent. I could move. I’m not ready.

No ramp; no chair. No problem.


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