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Tables Turning

June 22, 2014

While there have been a few hiccups and zany/awkward situations as I learn the ins and outs of navigation, I have mostly been feeling like the champion of the world since the mobility scooter arrived. I have probably logged 200 km+ on it so far. I was in the pool to water walk three times last week, and got bold enough to renew my membership at the pool now that it is easily accessible to me again. For the last 10 minutes on Thursday, I was almost water running. When I wake up the next morning after scooting,  my body is now convinced that I’ve been cycling even though I have done anything but.

Friday night turned into date night which means pot luck dinner with friends, and then venturing out for a few hours to sit and chat at a private club. It’s been a while, but it was certainly a bit of icing on the cake to stay up past 10 pm and out past 1 am. I have been sleeping about 13 hrs per day since I started medication for neuropathy about a month ago. There are some pesky side effects but so far they have been worth it.

Perhaps I overdid it. I went for a massage yesterday. I have been telling myself as long as I can still putter about the apartment, nothing is wrong. For the first time yesterday, it was really hard to putter about the kitchen. My hips are disobedient. I had a dream last night that I couldn’t stand at all any more although I kept trying and found myself in many odd situations in the dream struggling to get up off just about every type of floor surface imaginable.

One of things I have been doing for a while now is travelling with men’s socks in my purse for when street people ask me for help. We have a lot here now. More than I can remember in the past. Many are barefoot, even in winter. Last week I actually forgot I was riding in the scooter and the first man I offered socks to refused to take them. The second man reluctantly accepted. I have given out a lot of them, and this has never happened before.


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