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The Express Collection

June 17, 2014

My apartment is located about 200 metres from the nearest branch of the public library. This is not by accident. When my hands are in the mood to turn pages, I can breeze through a book or two a day and have no place to store them. The day before I decided to get the scooter, I used my car to return a recent read from the express collection. This can’t be right.

Yesterday I took the mobility scooter. It’s an older building. There is a ramp. I was fine getting inside with a passer-by making sure the doors stayed open long enough. I got stuck in the elevator and needed help getting out. A librarian came to my aid after she heard the elevator doors closing several times in quick succession. There is not enough time to get the scooter in motion before the doors close themselves. It took me three attempts to realize that I wasn’t getting out unassisted. She was very kind and helped me get out of the building after I had checked my choice-du-jour out.

I’m not sure I’ll go back in there with the scooter. I couldn’t finish the last two books that I started, and there’s ample parking for it out front. 


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