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December 17, 2012

Mayan Apocalypse, I am ready for you.

Year in Review

Paid off the adoption loan.

Paid off the car loan.

Sold the abandoned suburban townhouse.

Fended off the ex-husband’s final attempt to completely disrupt the shared parenting arrangement.

Started energy work with a shaman, who makes weekly house calls.

Told the ex-boyfriend he stays in the friend zone, and meant it. He’s a good friend.

Restarted my consulting practice, in a way that is single-parent-family friendly. My clients see my best work.

Started walking to work, and my kids starting walking to school.

Made a go of it as an evening seamstress.

Landed a paying gig as a psychic.

Joined the Green party and took an interest.

Moved socializing to the top of the list of my interests and hobbies.

Sent my parents on their dream trip to Ireland using my surplus air miles.

Reaped harvest from my backyard garden.

Saw the ocean, with both kids in tow.

Bought a painting, from a local artist. It’s a sunflower.

I officially declare 2012 as The Year I Got My Shit Together.


My only remaining debt is the mortgage. My debt to income ratio will drop to zero, when the house deal closes on January 15, 2013. This pleases me.

Restarting my consulting practice after two back-to-back layoffs from full time positions in 2011 (following the Great Credit Line Clean Up) was kind of a big deal.

A twelve month search for the kind of full-time position I’d held pre-layoff yielded two interviews, one of which I dutifully attended. The other was a take-or-leave-it proposition, coincident with an out of town family funeral. I did the right thing.

Interest rates are low and saving for the future is hard. Do it anyway. Self pity is not an appropriate response.


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