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The mother of invention

January 22, 2012

If you’ve been following the news out of Service Canada lately, you may have noticed that Canada’s employment insurance system is currently a one way street, with few exceptions being made for so-called dire circumstances.

Payments into the program are running smoothly as ever, but the same cannot be said of outgoing payments. I continue to seek out full-time employment and remain available for full time work.

In contemplating a theme for 2012, I was leaning towards the versatility of the mason jar. Instead, I’ll go with micro business: I do not idle well. Between other things, I am now running with an abundance of spare time and several ideas:

  1. Decluttering services (who doesn’t have a story to tell?)
  2. Psychic readings for fun (always in fashion with the bridal shower crowd)
  3. Knitting on consignment for local craft shops
  4. Math tutoring at my kitchen table
  5. Sewing and alterations

In the meantime, my dormant (and once lucrative) professional services company is slowly waking up. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. All sounds good.

  2. You are quick on the commenting today! I am still editing this post. The kids made their voices heard yesterday. They like having me home.

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