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2011: A year without wishes

December 30, 2011

Some of the highs:

Working for a subsidiary of Intel, and managing a team into obsolescence.
Attempting professional reincarnation with a short tour of duty at a stealth startup.
Reinforcing and extending my social circles through social media: finding the fun in Twitter, enjoying Meetup’s company, and sharing special moments with Instagram.
Participating in a 100 km bike ride for charity with a group of mostly strangers who collectively raised $1.8 million in support of cancer research.
Clearing my line of credit and keeping it clear (and blogging my journey).
Walking the April rain in the company of a very nice man with an umbrella, and the friendship that sprouted from there.
Finishing my May 2011 10 km running race at a time that was not quite 10 seconds slower than the time it took me to complete my May 2010 10 km event.
Relocating my family from the suburbs to a more urban setting, and adjusting our environment for a closer alignment to my values.
Discovering eye cream. (Yes, it’s that good).
Singing Handel’s Messiah with a choir and an orchestra in a church.
Finding 84 geocaches.

What would you wish for, if you could?


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