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Twas the night before Christmas

December 25, 2011

My youngest is sound asleep in the top bunk. She fell asleep dressed in her matching pyjamas with her stuffed toy panda, Mackenzie.

My eldest is at the kitchen table building a lego lighthouse.

There is red wine in my goblet.

Paying no attention to the calendar, we celebrated Christmas with my parents in our home this morning. They arrived last night for a traditional Christmas Eve celebration which included the company of my male companion and an aging Lhasa Apso. Dinner was near perfect. The only possible fault was in my over-estimation for quantity. Abundance and joy.

My neighbour turned up this evening looking to borrow a blender. She left with our green bean casserole surplus.

I had my bike out yesterday morning. The studded tires handle beautifully on icy roads.

My mother brought me a quilt top she’d been storing since the 80s. She couldn’t remove it from the bag, so I did it. My grandmother pieced it. The top is complete. It needs finishing to become a quilt. Dresden plate. Pure gold.

All is well in my world.

Let there be peace on earth, and goodwill among us all.


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  1. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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