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A cup of kindness

November 10, 2011

My youngest has outgrown her little bike. It’s a two-wheeler with training wheels. We’re keeping it until the snow hits, then I’ll pass it along to its next owner. I am not sure how tall she will be in the spring, and she can ride with me on the utility bike or in the Chariot until it melts.

I took her over to the market after school yesterday. She rode. I walked/ran. The last vendor was locking up her stall from the back as we arrived. She biked around the front to serve us. My daughter is a talker, she immediately complimented her bike and thanked her for serving us.

She told the vendor we were planning potato pancakes for dinner. The vendor asked her for the recipe, and she got it! It’s been in my family for generations. The vendor split the potato bounty into two bags to balance the weight and attached them to the handlebars for my daughter to carry home.

She was thrilled, and she did.


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  1. That sounds like a really special time. Makes me happy to hear about it.

  2. I can see her reciting the recipe 🙂

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