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October 28, 2011

This morning I woke up to the promise of an update on the difficult situation (which never came). I did not know exactly what to expect, or precisely when, so I lined some appointments instead to distract me.

As my luck would have it, all three places I needed to go were serviced by bus route 14. The route does not exactly run on schedule, but a bus on this route is scheduled to pass within 25 metres of my front step every fifteen minutes. That seemed like something I could work with. I bought an all day pass for $7.50 and tried it out.

People fascinate me. I did pack some knitting for the day, but ended up people watching instead.

I rode the bus for three of the four planned legs of my journey. One appointment ran overtime. It turned out that walking one of the segments was my best bet for getting where I needed to be on time; in the moment I was pondering a taxi, I may have broken the business case. I did miss lunch! Otherwise, it all worked out pretty well.

Cycling would have been completely free, and taken approximately the same amount of time that I spent waiting for and riding on the bus. I did not pay for any parking, which made for a cheaper day than taking my car to today’s destinations.

It’s nice to have choices.


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  1. I knit my way through a auditorium panel discussion meeting last night. Great conversation starter with some audience members. People watching generally wins out for me too but it’s perfect for static crowds šŸ™‚

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