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Tempest in a teapot

September 28, 2011

My budget’s back, and there’s going to be trouble.

The calm before the storm set in last night. I turned my hand to revising the household budget. The car can’t go yet. This wasn’t part of the plan.

My office did not move. My car did not get safety checked. My new-to-me utility bike however, now sits proudly on my front porch. I got the floor model in an end-of-season sale, saving $500 off the regular price.

A quick survey of my surroundings reveals overall project progress: three modern bike helmets on the bookcase, and a wicker basket packed with urban safety gear such as reflective ankle straps for night riding. There’s a knitting project started, safely housed in a wicker basket next to my sofa.

I cut $500 from the monthly budget last night: private violin lessons for my youngest (she liked them, she had two); violin rental; monthly TFSA deposits; and biweekly RESP contributions for my eldest.

The urban school offers piano/keyboard lessons during the school day. My youngest will start with this program on Monday. She is 6. Our keyboard isn’t rented. The piano teacher is willing to take her as a violin student when she is 8.

My eldest was 10 before I could start her in guitar lessons. She lost the instructor for her private lesson in the move, and has already been registered for guitar lessons at the new school.

Storms never last.


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