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Civil disobedience

September 28, 2011

I don’t want to need more money. I’ve proven myself as a breadwinner, and I know full well what it takes to bring more money in. It doesn’t buy health and it doesn’t buy happiness. The price is too high: it’s your life.

I think there’s something to be gained in needing less. It is a responsible and adult decision to put your health first even if it means adjusting your means, living cash-flow positive within that means, and spending less (or at least no more) than you earn. It is equally responsible to direct excess to the Common Good.

There is something fundamentally wrong here when a desire to learn how to live well on less (and to pass the lessons along to my children, who are our future) triggers a flurry of sympathy and outrage from society.

I will pay my own way.


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  1. Agreed on all counts.

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