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One month later

September 22, 2011

Good news! My longest to-do list ever is nearly done, and I’m almost ready to list the car for sale. Today I had the emission test done, and made an overdue visit to ServiceOntario to renew the plates (as well as to update my home address on my driver’s license and Ontario Health Card.) I realized also that I’d forgotten to notify the car insurance folks that my home address had changed. That’s fixed now.

Keeping the car turned out to be a good idea. While I continue to resent it, I actually need it. For my first two weeks at the new job and before my move, I was commuting 35+ km in each direction, for a total of 70+ km each day. Thankfully, I still had daycare during this first phase of the transition period.

Since moving from the house in the suburbs to the urban digs, I’m facing a shorter commute in this phase of the transition: reduced to approximately 15 km each way. It still isn’t bike-able, suburban daycare is over, and the kids are both attending full day urban school.

I am really working to school hours, and while the new job has been full of unexpected surprises, my new employer has honoured his word about keeping a strict on-site schedule to match the needs of the school day. It’s a refreshing change after being “on call” after regular business hours to staff in California for nearly two years.

I remain optimistic that the office location is really going to change for the better next week with its move to a central and much more convenient location downtown. When it does, I’ll be able to walk, run, bus or bike it, and still contain my work day by the demands of the school bus drop off and pick up times.

A key theme for this period of transition has been disorientation: lots of mixing up east and west and trying to locate eastbound highway on-ramps I have rarely had past occasion to use. A heavy wave of road construction to my known thoroughfares serves only to escalate my confusion. The iPhone4 has been of great help, both in determining where I am exactly, and helping me get to where I intended to be.

The car is scheduled for its safety check on Friday. I haven’t advertised it on kijiji yet.

My laptop was an unexpected casualty of the move. I spilled coffee on it in my first week at the new job and its replacement was swiftly ordered, but only arrived last week. Thankfully, all my data was rescued and has been transferred into a happier place.

After nearly two years of daily expense tracking and carefully planned personal spending, I lost my daily budgeting discipline in the chaos. I have no sense of the urgency with which with the car and its associated expenses must disappear as a line item. By the time I next post, I hope to have worked all of this out.

Until then…


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