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It was something she said

August 4, 2011

Well, I didn’t trust the property manager. I showed her through my home, and listened for a few minutes before showing her back to the front door. I took exception to the mismatch between things she said to me on the phone (and wrote to me in email) which were different from what she said in person today.

Her new math broke my business case for moving, and I do trust my business sense. While there may well not be a viable business case when all is said and done here, the jury is still out and I have time to explore it.

She came to me on recommendation from two people I trust, but in our brief discussion I learned that her usual clients don’t mind taking a monthly loss as someone else (like an employer) usually covers their bills. I am not running a charity. How much was the disconnect, you ask? Approximately $600 per month, or $7200 for the year. No, thank you.

Instead, I have just placed ads on Kijiji, Facebook, the Ottawa Citizen, and Craigslist. I have started the process of listing through Grapevine. I’ve based the rental rate on similar properties currently listed for rent in my neighbourhood.

And I missed my car appointment.


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